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Wabuska Mangler

The Wabuska Mangler was the name given to a mythical newspaper in 1889 by Sam Davis, then editor of the Nevada Appeal. Davis would make up controversial news stories and opinions, then attribute them to the Mangler. Wabuska is a small community in Lyon County east of Carson City.

Since 2006, the Wabuska Mangler has been the name of a blog hosted by the Nevada Press Association and written by Barry Smith, director of  the Association.

Is it fine to be finicky?

By Jim Stasiowski If I call you “a meticulous journalist,” will you smile or slug me? To me, “meticulous” means extremely careful, being certain each step is researched and considered thoroughly. Meticulous reporters and editors deserve raises. The Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, recognized by the Associated Press …

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First public-notice bill is heard

The first public-notice bill to be heard in the 2017 legislative session came up Monday — on short notice, interestingly enough — in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Bill 10 is proposed by the state Treasurer’s Office to change how unclaimed property is listed in newspapers around the state. I …

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One art reception a hit, the other mostly a miss

We had a good time hosting Erik Holland and his artwork during Saturday’s downtown wine walk, when dozens of people came through the Rinckel Mansion to see Erik’s ‘Iconic Nevada’ show. If you missed the receptions, the art is still hanging on the walls here through February, so feel free …

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What readers want: Innovative local stories

Am I the only one  who believes the traditional print version of our community newspaper still provides the best economic future? Peter W, Wagner, Founder, The N’West Iowa REVIEW I don’t understand the logic of moving local news coverage from the long-established and highly respected printed newspapers to the internet. …

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‘Iconic Nevada’ coming to Rinckel Mansion

We’re looking forward to hosting ‘Iconic Nevada,’ an art show by Erik Holland, with receptions Feb. 4 and 8 in the Rinckel Mansion, which is also home to the Nevada Press Association here in Carson City. Erik is a plein air artist, meaning he stands outside and paints, and most …

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PERS again told to turn over records

open records

Nevada’s Public Employee Retirement System has again lost in its attempts to hide information about government pensions from the public. This time, it was Nevada Policy Research Institute that sued to find out how much former Nevada employees were being paid from the retirement fund. The Reno Gazette-Journal had already …

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Covering the Trump presidency

The Nevada Press Association joined the Society of Professional Journalists and 60-some other journalism organizations on Wednesday in a letter to President-elect Trump asking to talk about some basic access and First Amendment issues. Here’s the gist: The coalition sent a letter  to Trump and Mike Pence, asking for a …

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Best practices for public notice

The newspaper industry has had a lot of success protecting public notice in the state legislatures, but collectively we’re on the defensive. Our opponents are more motivated than ever and increasingly sophisticated in their arguments. Every newspaper must play a role in this fight. This session will focus on the …

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