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Nevada Press Association
102 N. Curry St.
Carson City, Nevada 89703

775.885.8233 (fax)

Executive director Barry Smith
Assistant director: Terri

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Ric Anderson

Ric Anderson, Greenspun Media Group

Board Members
Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News
Matt Dierlam, Winnemucca Publishing
Kelly Scott, Reno Gazette-Journal
Nancy Streets, Elko Daily Free Press
Kurt Hildebrand, The Record-Courier
Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Kirk Kern, Battle Born Media
Scott Sibley, Nevada Legal News
Vernon Robison, Moapa Valley Progress
Noah Cusick, Pahrump Valley Times
Sherman Frederick, Sparks Tribune

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Past presidents of the Nevada Press Association

2016-17 Kelly Scott, Reno Gazette-Journal
2015-16 Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News
2014-15 Kirk Kern, Battle Born Media
2013-14 Kurt Hildebrand, The Record-Courier
2012-13 Scott Sibley, Nevada Legal News
2011-12 Marie Wujek, Pahrump Valley Times
2010-11 Mark Lundahl, Reno Gazette-Journal
2009-10 Ken Kliewer, Ely Times
2008-09 Holly Rudy-James, Winnemucca Publishing
2007-08 Nancy Streets, Sparks Tribune
2006-07  Matt Hufman, Las Vegas Sun
2005-06 Tony Hughes, Mineral County Independent News
2004-05  Peter Kostes, Nevada Appeal
2004-05  Laura Tenant, Fernley Leader-Dayton Courier
2003-04 Allan Fleming, Las Vegas Review-Journal
2002-03 Rich Thurlow, Pahrump Valley Times
2001-02 Jeff Ackerman, Nevada Appeal
2000-01 Thomas Mitchell, Las Vegas Review Journal
1999-00  Tonia Cunning, Reno Gazette-Journal
1998-99  Gwen Bogh-Carter, Lovelock Review-Miner
1997-98  Tim O’Callaghan, Henderson Home News-Boulder City News
1996-97 Bill Kunerth, Tahoe World/Sierra Sun
1995-96 Sherman R. Frederick, Las Vegas Review-Journal
1994-95 Anne Pershing, Lahontan Valley News-Fallon Eagle Standard
1993-94 Ward Bushee, Reno Gazette-Journal
1992-93 (missing. If you know, send us a note.)
1991-92 Sandra Thompson, Las Vegas Sun
1990-91 Sandra Thompson, Las Vegas Sun
1989-90 Dale Wetenkamp, Nevada Appeal
1988-89 David C. Henley, Lahontan Valley News-Fallon Eagle Standard
1987-88 David Trussell,  North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
1986-87 Earl Johnson, Las Vegas Review-Journal
1985-86 Mike O’Callaghan, Henderson Home News-Boulder City News
1984-85 David Osborn, Nevada Appeal
1983-84 Jim Sanford, Mason Valley News
1982-83 Brian Greenspun, Las Vegas Sun
1981-82 Carol P. Marshall, Lovelock Review-Miner
1980-81 Bill Roberts, Central Nevada Newspapers
1979-80 Warren Lerude, Nevada State Journal-Reno Evening Gazette
1978-79 Robert L. Brown, North Las Vegas Valley Times
1977-78 Mel Steninger, Elko Daily Free Press
1976-77 Don Digilio, Las Vegas Review-Journal
1975-76 Jack King, Nevada Appeal
1974-75 Rollan D. Melton, Speidel Newspapers Inc.
1973-74 Allan Kennedy, Central Nevada Newspapers
1972-73 R. Bryn Armstrong, Las Vegas Sun
1971-72 Walt Ryals, Reno Evening Gazette-Nevada State Journal
1970-71 Earl Frantzen, Elko Daily Free Press
1969-70 George Carnes, Ely Daily Times
1968-69 Charles (Bud) Triplett, Wells Progress
1967-68 Charles G. Murray, Reno Newspapers Inc.
1966-67 Ruthe Deskin, Las Vegas Sun
1965-66 Gerald Roberts, Central Nevada Newspapers
1964-65 William V. Wright, Las Vegas Review-Journal
1963-64 Robert Sanford, Mason Valley News
1962-63 Ray Germain, Las Vegas Sun
1961-62 Jay Steed, Ely Daily Times
1960-61 Paul Leonard, Nevada State Journal
1959-60 John Suverkrup, Gardnerville Record-Courier
1958-59 Morry Zenoff, Henderson Home News-Boulder City News
1957-58 Jock Taylor, Reese River Reville
1956-57 Hank Greenspun, Las Vegas Sun
1955-56 Avery Stitser, Humboldt Star
1954-55 Jack Carpenter, Mason Valley News
1953-54 John Cahlan, Las Vegas Review-Journal
1952-53 John Sanford, Reno Evening Gazette
1951-52 Charles Triplett, Wells Progress
1950-51 Sherwin (Scoop) Garside, Bonanza Printers
1950-51 Clyde Terrell, Tonopah Times Bonanza
1949-50 John Suverkrup, Gardnerville Record-Courier
1948-49 Joseph F. McDonald, Nevada State Journal
1947-48 Paul Klinker Gardner, Lovelock Review Miner
1946-47 Chris H. Sheerin, Elko Daily Free Press
1945-46 Graham M. Dean, Reno Newspapers Inc.
1944-45 Graham M. Dean, Reno Newspapers Inc.
1943-44 Graham M. Dean, Reno Newspapers Inc.
1942-43 Denver Dickerson, Carson City Chronicle
1941-42 Walter Cox, Mason Valley News
1940-41 Jack McCloskey, Mineral County Independent News
1939-40 Leigh Sanford, Reno Newspapers
1938-39 Warren (Snowy) Monroe, Elko Independent
1937-38 A.L. Hopkins, Elko Independent
1936-37 Allen K. Dalbey, Fallon Eagle
1935-36 Chris Sheerin,  Elko Daily Free Press
1934-35 Claude Smith, Fallon Standard
1933-34 Claude Smith, Fallon Standard
1932-33 E.M. Steninger, Elko Daily Free Press
1931-32 R.C. Stitser, Humboldt Star
1930-31 Vail Pittman, Ely Daily Times
1929-30 E.C. Molcahy, Sparks Tribune
1928-29 Burt Selkirk, Record-Courier
1927-28 Burt Selkirk, Record-Courier
1926-27 Harold P. Hale, Elko Independent
1925-26 Harold P. Hale, Elko Independent
1924-25 Harold P. Hale, Elko Independent