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Governor’s veto preserves openness of PERS records

open records

In Gov. Brian Sandoval’s explanation of why he vetoed SB384, which would have specified some open records for the Public Employees Retirement System while closing others, he accurately hit on key points we had argued in our opposition to the bill. “SB384 has merit,” the governor wrote. “Protecting public employees …

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Legislature stumbles headlong toward finish line

With just three days to go, the 2017 legislative session has reached the critical stage where most of the work is done, but major pieces of legislation still hang in the balance and the specter of a special session hung over the building on Thursday when a budget deal fell …

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New Voices allows students to be heard

By Steve Ranson New Voices emerged to counteract a Supreme Court decision in the 1980s involving the Hazelwood School District v. Khulmeier. Essentially, this ruling allowed educators to censor student-written articles, stop newspapers from being distributed to the student body and retaliate against journalism advisers who dared promote reasonable free …

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New Voices bill passes its first test

At the end of the day, Senate Bill 420, which is the Nevada version of New Voices legislation, was recommended for approval on Thursday by the Senate Committee on Education, the first step toward giving more protection to the rights of student journalists. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Nicole …

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Broadcasters’ bill is a real threat

The Nevada Broadcasters Association’s bill, SB218, is a real threat — to newspapers, of course, because it would remove public notices from them, but also to public notice in general. The bill was heard Wednesday by the Senate Government Affairs Committee. Introduced by Sen. Aaron Ford, D- Las Vegas, it’s …

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Newspaper Day at the Capital, March 23

Mark your calendars for Newspaper Day at the Capital, which is set for March 23 during the 2017 session of the Nevada Legislature. All Nevada Press Association members and their employees are invited. It’s a once-every-other-year chance to represent our industry before elected representatives, learn about the process of proposing …

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