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Wabuska Mangler

The Wabuska Mangler was the name given to a mythical newspaper in 1889 by Sam Davis, then editor of the Nevada Appeal. Davis would make up controversial news stories and opinions, then attribute them to the Mangler. Wabuska is a small community in Lyon County east of Carson City.

Since 2006, the Wabuska Mangler has been the name of a blog hosted by the Nevada Press Association and written by Barry Smith, director of  the Association.

What the Nevada prison didn’t tell us.

Everything. Sorry, that’s not fair. The Nevada Department of Corrections did, in fact, provide an entire paragraph to the press on inmate Carlos Perez in November. Name. Age. Number. The fact that he was dead. The news release ends with this statement: “There is an ongoing investigation and no further …

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Oldest paper is also the newest

Elizabeth Thompson, editor of the Territorial Enterprise, addresses the crowd inside Adele’s during the launch party Thursday evening. MacAvoy Layne readies for his welcome as Mark Twain.  It’s always news when a newspaper launches, and the resurrection of the Territorial Enterprise has plenty of story lines. There’s the history itself, …

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SB28, the anti-public records bill, actually got worse

The Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities has doubled down on its attempt to make public records more expensive and less accessible in an amendment  proposed Wednesday during the first hearing on SB28. As I described earlier, the bill attempts to change fundamentally Nevada’s public records law by greatly expanding …

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Recap of Week 2 at Nevada Legislature

Here’s a summary of Nevada Press Association testimony during the Feb. 9-13 week of the Nevada Legislature: SB104 — It makes some changes in political advertising, primarily to exclude clothing and inexpensive items such as pencils and candy from a requirement to have “paid for by” language on them. I …

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