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Trusted sources for information on the Las Vegas massacre

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is the state’s largest newspaper and has had teams of reporters and photographers working across the city since the shooting started last night.

The Las Vegas Sun, although it shares print distribution with the Review-Journal, operates an independent newsroom and also has reporters and photographers covering the events.

In Mesquite, apparently the most recent residence of the shooter, the Desert Valley Times is a sister publication of The Spectrum in St. George, Utah. Look to The Spectrum for the most up-to-date information there.

In the north, the Reno Gazette-Journal is filing reports on a residence there owned by the shooter.

The Nevada Independent is an online-only news outlet with a small group of reporters covering events in Las Vegas.

And the Associated Press has reporters and photographers stationed in Las Vegas.

On Twitter, it’s easy to find accounts from these organizations and individual reporters and photographers who have been filing through the night.

I wanted to provide at least a partial list because already this morning I have seen or heard far too many erroneous reports and seen evidence of intentionally false information being spread. Much of it is on social media, but I heard some national and international broadcasters get things wrong — from mispronouncing the name of the Clark County sheriff to claiming that Las Vegas has “completely shut down.”

The best sources are experienced, professional local news organizations on the ground at the scene.

News organizations that tend toward speculation, don’t cite their sources and spread vague information are not to be trusted.

People can help curb the flow of false information by not re-Tweeting or posting to Facebook anything that hasn’t been confirmed. I know that’s not likely — I saw the long list of hoaxes that had been perpetrated within hours — but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I also know how tired some of the journalists on the scene must be. I saw many of them at our Nevada Press Association awards banquet on Saturday night in Carson City. They made a long drive home and were settling in for the evening when the news broke.


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