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Advertise with us

Nevada Press Association can help you advertise

We can help you advertise your products or services in Nevada newspapers through statewide classifieds or display ads. Or choose the region that suits you best.

Let’s get started.

Classified advertising

NVCAN logo 200The NVCAN network is for classified advertising — the text-only ads that appear in newspapers for things like Help Wanted or For Sale. They’re well read in our community newspapers, because that’s where people go to find deals in their local town. Just click on the link above or the logo to the right to find out more.

For example, for just $89 you can place a classified ad that will reach thousands of households in Northern Nevada in their hometown newspapers. You can choose Southern Nevada, Metro regions, Community regions or cover the whole state.

Classified ads look like this:

Examples of classified ads in the Winnemucca papers.

Just click on the image above to find out more about prices and options for placing classified ads in our Nevada network.

Of course, you can always advertise in individual newspapers. We can help you get in touch with them, too.

2 x 2 Network

Our display advertising network is designed to make a bigger ad easy and affordable in member newspapers.

The basic size is 2×2, which means 2 columns by 2 inches in the newspaper. Newspapers do vary a little bit in their sizes, but essentially it looks something like this:

Example of 2×2 ad.

As you can see, it has some room for a photo or logo and some creativity. This is a display ad, and they appear throughout the newspapers.

You can also choose to go bigger with 2×4 or 2×6 ads.

Example of a 2×4 ad
Example of 2×6 ad

How to place an ad

If you already have it created, just send a PDF to us by email and we can take it from there.

If you would like us to help you create it, call us at 775-885-0866 or write to us, and we’ll get you started.

We also provide statewide political advertising coverage.

Where to run the ad

It can appear statewide, in Northern Nevada or Southern Nevada. There also are options to focus on community newspapers or urban newspapers.  Just choose NVCAN Classifieds or the 2×2 Display Network to get more specific information about pricing.

Below is a map of Nevada newspapers. Not all newspapers are in our NVCAN or 2×2 networks. But we can help you target exactly where your advertising appears by choosing individual newspapers, too.

map of members

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