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Bills tracked in 2017 session

Statutes of Nevada in the State Library and Archive in Carson City. Photo by Barry Smith.

Below is a list of many of the bills and bill drafts that we were tracking at the Nevada Press Association during the 2017 session, which concluded June 5. We have two primary interests — open government (meetings, records and public notices) and the newspaper industry, when it may be affected by taxes, labor laws, advertising restrictions or similar matters.

For the latest information, it is best to visit the Legislative Counsel Bureau’s site to check on bills that were signed or died.

Public notices

SB10  State Treasurer
Revises provisions relating to notice and publication of lists of abandoned property.

SB39  Purchasing Division
Revises provisions relating to state purchasing. It removes a notice from newspapers when the Purchasing Department is advertising for purchases of more than $50,000.

AB173 Assemblywoman Krasner
Reduces to once the times a person changing his or her name must publish a notice in a newspaper.

SB218 Senator Ford
Revises provisions relating to public notices. Died in committee

SB75 Department of Wildlife
Makes various changes relating to the Department of Wildlife. It attempted to remove from newspapers an annual notice on the setting of hunting seasons.

SB110   Senator Parks
Exempts from the publication requirement a court-ordered change of name if the reason for the change is to conform the person’s name to his or her gender identity.

AB173 Assemblywoman Krasner
Reduces the notice required for change of name from three to one.

BDR 205 Senator Roberson
Revises provisions relating to public notices. Withdrawn.

AB232 Assemblywoman Bilbray-Axelrod
Establishing the procedure for changing the name of a minor.

Public records

SB6   Attorney General
Revises provisions governing the confidentiality of information contained in County Assessors’ records.

291 Assemblyman Flores
Revises provisions governing security of personal information. Withdrawn.

AB42  Attorney General
Makes various changes to the Nevada Public Records Law. Died in committee.

Nevada Supreme Court
Revises provisions relating to confidential information. Adds to the list of people who can request their personal information be removed from assessor and other records.

SB170  Senator Segerblom
Revises provisions governing public records. Died in committee.

SB384  Senator Ratti
Provides for the confidentiality of certain information in the records and files of public employers and public employee retirement systems.

AB327  Assemblyman McCurdy
Revises provisions governing sealing of records.

SB176  Senator Ford
Provides for the use of portable event recording devices by peace officers.

Other topics

SB84  Ethics Commission
Makes various changes relating to the Commission on Ethics.

Revises provisions relating to elections.

SB30  Attorney General
Revises provisions governing the acceptance of gifts by certain public officers.

SB25  Attorney General
Revises provisions governing the organization of the functions of the Office of the Attorney General related to domestic violence and the Confidential Address Program.

SB160  Gansert
Changes the procedure for noticing administrative regulations.

SB277 Senate Committee on Judiciary
Revises provisions governing the use of information relating to public safety.


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