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Florence Jones

Florence Lee Jones

This longtime Las Vegas Review-Journal writer was the first important female journalist in Southern Nevada when she began her career in the 1930s. She covered hard-news stories when most women writers were confined to tea party beats. She later became the dominant scribe of Las Vegas society news.

Here’s her fascinating history, as told by fellow Hall of Famer A.D. Hopkins.

An excerpt:

“Florence Lee Jones had a chance to be Las Vegas’ most sensational journalist, jerking tears with tales of women wronged and justice miscarried. Instead, she became a meticulous scribe, documenting the people who built a city.
Unlike most journalists, she was herself a founder and joiner of important organizations, participating in the civic story she covered.
She was the first important female journalist in Southern Nevada, covering big, hard news stories in years when most women newswriters were still confined to tea-party beats. Only after proving herself as a hard news reporter did she concentrate on society news; she then dominated that field locally for 20 years.”

Florence Lee Jones

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