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Investigative stories from Las Vegas and Reno

Faces of people who have died in the Washoe County Jail, from the RGJ's investigation.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Reno Gazette-Journal are showing their investigative skills with a pair of eye-opening series this week.

The Review-Journal on Sunday — highlighting a new design for the paper and web site — dug into some over-the-top spending of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau. The stories by Arthur Kane, Brian Joseph and Jeff German examine not only the wining and dining of potential customers for Las Vegas entertainment business, but spending by members of the board who get perks like concert tickets.

Today, the Reno newspaper released its investigative report on deaths in the Washoe County Jail, where 13 people have died in the past two years.

The stories by Anjeanette Damon already have sparked some changes in how the jail has been operating, including new looks at training for deputies and provision of mental-health services.

I encourage you to read both, not only for the detailed reporting in each, but also for the watchdog commitment of Nevada’s largest newspapers to hold their governments accountable and show taxpayers what’s going on behind the scenes.


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