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Total entries this year: 1,446

Yes, we still get piles of entries — but not like the old days.

We received 1,446 entries for the 2016 Better Newspaper and Magazine contests, down a bit from past years.

That’s not surprising, as we pared a couple of categories and replaced a few. The last few years we’ve averaged about 1,550 entries.

Now that the deadline for submissions has passed, what happens next?

Terri and I spend a week confirming all those entries. In other words we check to see that you entered what you think you entered. Is there a PDF or URL attached, and does it match the headline and category for the entry? Stuff like that.

We’ll find a few errors here and there, and you’ll hear from us if we can’t figure out how to fix it ourselves.

Terri also checks the number of entries submitted by each publication and, if you haven’t paid yet, hunts you down like Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant.’ But in a nice way.

Those of you who have volunteered to judge the Arizona Newspapers Association contest, you should hear from ANA in a couple of weeks. They’re doing the same thing we are — sorting entries and assigning judges.

All the judging will be done by the middle of July (I hope), and then begins the process of creating the tab and the awards and everything else for the banquet Sept. 24 in Mesquite. See you there.


About Barry Smith

Barry Smith is executive director of the Nevada Press Association. Before joining NPA, he was editor of the Nevada Appeal in Carson City and has been an editor, columnist and reporter.

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