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How to become a member

Are you interested in membership in the Nevada Press Association?

Individuals, web sites, businesses and, of course, all kinds of news publications are eligible for membership in NPA. Dues start at $78.50 a year for individuals and range upwards from there, depending on the size and frequency of the publication.

Regular or associate

new_logo smallestThere are two types of membership — regular and associate. Regular membership is reserved for newspapers qualified to print public notices, as defined by Nevada Revised Statutes 238.030 and 238.040. A key factor is whether your publication has a periodicals permit from the U.S. Postal Service establishing its paid circulation.

Everybody else falls under the category of associate member. The differences aren’t many, and they have to do with the governance of the NPA itself. In short, regular members are eligible to serve on the board of directors and have a vote at the annual meeting. Associate members have one member on the board and one vote at the meeting.

Other than that, the benefits are the same: You can enter our annual Better Newspaper Contest, participate in our advertising networks, receive our newsletter and so on. There’s a pretty good list here —  “What can the Nevada Press Association do for you?”

What’s the criteria?

For regular membership, as noted above, your publication must be qualified to print public notices in Nevada.

For associate membership, the board of directors will consider your application with an eye to whether you support the general mission of NPA: Representing the common interests of Nevada newspapers, furthering the public’s right to know through an understanding that strong newspapers (protected by the First Amendment) are the cornerstone of a democratic society, promoting a closer fellowship within the newspaper fraternity, encouraging the elevation of journalistic standards and promoting the value of newspaper advertising.

That mission dates back more than 100 years, and the definition and roles of newspapers have changed over the decades, but the principles remain the same. Quality journalism, open government and effective advertising.

If you can get behind that, you’re our kind of people.

Online news sites

We do have some guidelines for stand-alone online news sites, because we expect them to live up to the same standards as print journalists.

They include:

  • Publish regularly and consecutively for one year prior to applying
  • Published in accordance with recognized standards of professional journalism
  • Content revised on a regular basis, not less than once per week.
  • A fixed title or name and display publication dates
  • Principally devoted to the dissemination of original local or general news of interest to residents of Nevada and other editorial content available to the general public.
  • Does not serve primarily as a platform to promote the interests and/or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause.
  • A Nevada-based office of operation where business or publishing is conducted during regular business hours.
  • Letter of sponsorship from at least one active NPA member publication.
  • Annual dues: $200 (specialized publication)

Application form

Here’s a simple application form. Feel free to write or call if you have questions.

Frequency of publication

Qualified to publish legal notices?


Or, you can download a PDF version of the application below.


Send it to nevadapress@att.net, or fax it to 775-885-8233.