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The old saw says, "Let sleeping dogs lie." Right. Still when there is much at stake it is better to get a newspaper to do it.
        — Mark Twain, member of the Nevada Press Hall of FameHall_of_Fame.htmlHall_of_Fame.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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    The Nevada Press Association is the formal trade organization for the newspaper industry in Nevada. It is a voluntary non-profit organization that represents 7 daily and 35 weekly newspapers in Nevada and the Lake Tahoe region of Northern California, as well as two online news services.

    The association has a long history.  Between 1888 and 1915, an association of Nevada newspapers was organized and re-organized several times. In 1924, a journalism professor at the University of Nevada in Reno led the reorganization of the association, which officially became known as the Nevada State Press Association.

    The organization dropped "State" from its name in 1995, becoming the Nevada Press Association.

An 11-member board of officers and directors, elected by member newspapers, governs the association.
    The Nevada Press Association is dedicated to representing the common interests of Nevada newspapers, furthering the public's right to know through an understanding that strong newspapers (protected by the First Amendment) are the cornerstone of a democratic society, promoting a closer fellowship within the newspaper fraternity, encouraging the elevation of journalistic standards and promoting the value of newspaper advertising.

See more about the history of the NPA.

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Last year Nevada newspapers sold more than 118 million copies and gave away almost 40 million more.


The Sesquicentennial Series

To mark Nevada’s 150th anniversary of its admission to statehood, several Nevada newspapers published a yearlong series provided by the Nevada Press Association.

To learn more about the series, go here.


It’s almost time for the contest

Believe it or not, the opening bell for the 2015 Better Newspaper Contest will be coming up in early April. We’ll be sending out the call for entries then and updating the contest page. Very little has changed, so if you’ve entered before it will be a snap.

For a look at NPA’s 2014 banquet and convention, here are the awards we handed out.

Videos are available on our YouTube channel of the Hall of Fame inductions and the attorney general candidate forum.


2015 legislative session

We’re busy with the 2015 session of the Nevada Legislature in Carson City. Join us for Newspaper Day at the Capital on March 20.

Keep an eye on the bills we’re watching by visiting our Legislature page. You can also find useful links and a tutorial on using the NELIS system, which gives you access to all the exhibits and testimony presented at committee hearings.


Wall of Faces project

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is attempting to complete its Wall of Faces by locating photos of some 24,000 fallen soldiers for whom it does not yet have a picture.

The Nevada Press Association and its members are aiding in this project by publicizing the search and collecting the photos still missing for Nevada soldiers.

Find out more.

New location for blog

While we continue redesigning and updating this site, check out the latest in Nevada newspaper news and recaps of legislative action on our Ink by the Barrel blog.

Don’t worry, we’re also still writing the Wabuska Mangler blog, which tends to stray a bit farther from the newspaper industry and journalism.