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2×2 Community Region, 2×4 Northern Region for Week of March 12

We have TWO ADS for next week, the week of MARCH 12. The first is a NEW 2×2 ad for the COMMUNITY REGION. Here it is: 1. RNDC COMMUNITY 2×2 – Community Region This is NEW 2×2 AD RNDC community 5.4×2 3-12-17 RNDC community 4.9×2 3-12-17 RNDC community 3.22×2 3-12-17 …

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Best practices for public notice

The newspaper industry has had a lot of success protecting public notice in the state legislatures, but collectively we’re on the defensive. Our opponents are more motivated than ever and increasingly sophisticated in their arguments. Every newspaper must play a role in this fight. This session will focus on the …

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How to play up your public notices

The Georgetown, Ky., News-Graphic has important, well-read content nobody else has — its local public notices. So, why not draw as much attention as possible to what otherwise may seem like dull, government-required boilerplate? Take a look: “Under our state law,” notes Kentucky Press Association director David Thompson, “the newspaper …

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‘Thinking About Health’ columns

Funded with support of a grant from The Commonwealth Fund, a biweekly health care article is provided to Nevada Press Associaition member newspapers at no cost through the Nebraska Press Association Foundation. The goal is to provide unbiased, factual stories that readers can use, to help communities address important health …

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