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Revamping high school sports coverage

OMC High School sports

While game stories are important, adding new features and better coordination to your overall prep coverage plan can help maximize your resources. In this session, we’ll discuss devising a weekly schedule and implementing alternate story formats. We’ll also offer strategies on how to beef up sections with a limited staff. ...

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New rules cover journalism by drone

drone and cat

Matt Waite, a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism, who has been researching the use of drones by journalists, put together a post this week summarizing new rules that will go into effect. Says Waite: So the day we’ve been waiting for is here. The news is ...

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How to judge Nevada’s newspaper and magazine contests

BNC judges login

If you’ve volunteered to judge this year’s Nevada Press Association contest, here are detailed instructions. If you have questions, write to or call us at 775-885-0866. Assign a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for each category* along with comments for each selection. You may also add comments about ...

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What took them so long?

Orton, Minn.

by Kevin Slimp A few months back, I had breakfast with the publisher of a very successful community newspaper in Minnesota. As we walked around the restaurant, I was introduced to local residents enjoying their muffins and eggs. At one table, a customer asked what I was doing in their ...

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Strategies to increase reader engagement

OMC Reader Engagement

Are you wondering how to make your coverage more successful in ways that will grow audience and engagement? In this session, Liz Worthington, content strategy program manager for the American Press Institute, will highlight research from 50-plus publishers across the country that have made strategic decisions to cover content differently. ...

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