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You know who covered Baton Rouge floods? Newspapers


By David Chavern Newspaper Association of America When Louisiana began flooding earlier this month, news coverage was split between the 2016 Rio Olympics and the upcoming presidential election. This was the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, and you barely saw it on TV or in magazines, or heard about ...

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‘Front Page Nevada’ ebook now available

Front Page Nevada

It’s a Nevada history book like you’ve never seen. ‘Front Page Nevada’ brings together 53 front-page stories from the state’s newspapers to tell the history of the state from the people who were there — reporters and editors writing the first rough draft of history. What makes it unique? As ...

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Google Analytics: Segmenting

OMC Google Segmenting

How much of your traffic is coming from mobile or tablets? What percentage of your traffic is organic, or from social media? And how much of that traffic is hitting your section fronts, or article pages? In this session, GateHouse Media data analyst Sherri Horton will help you build segments ...

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Looking for clicks with the rac-cat

John Oliver

Accurate. Devastating. Funny. Sad. I would review the whole video, but we laid off our movie reviewer nine years ago. The Las Vegas Review-Journal figures prominently toward the end of this biting and poignant segment from John Oliver on the state of newspapers — as well as the state of ...

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Fallon paper moves downtown

Lahontan Valley News

The Lahontan Valley News has moved to a new office at 37 Maine St. in the heart of downtown Fallon after several years on the outskirts. “We felt we weren’t doing a great job of serving people who wanted to come and do business with us,” said Steve Ranson, LVN ...

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